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Carving Japanese Netsuke for beginners (A book by Bob Jubb)

Wood Engraver (The web site of Keith Pettit)  

See a remarkable Woodman (be patient, it is a large PDF file)

Kiama Woodcraft Group Inc.

Solent Guild of Woodcarvers and Sculptors

Love Spoons (The web site of Adam King) 

Decorated Craftwork (The web site of Colin Irvine)

The Chatterley Carvers groups Horam (Instructor Greta Chaterley)

South Downs Woodturners

Wood caricatures (The web site of John Freake)

Internationally renowned Wood sculptor (The web site of Ian Norbury)

The Royal Forestry Society

Timberline, Unit 7, Munday Industrial Estate, 58-66 Morley Road, Tonbridge Kent TN9 1RP (The web site for this supplier is a mine of information. Some links are under development but there is much to see on line if unable to visit Tonbridge)

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