Our meetings over the years


8th September                         This will be a reprise of work carried out by members in lock down

13th October.............................Video by Brian Campion entitled "Sharpening of hand planer blades"

10th November.............................Videos by Brian Campion entitled

    Woodcarving a BMW car

    Chainsawing Gandof

    Woodcarving desert cane -   a Scorpion, a Rattle snake and a moose.


8th December ...........................Christmas Quiz CANCELLED due to covid



January and  February      No meetings

11 March                         Resume of Henfield Show


as a result of the COVID-19 virus

8th April                            Colin Irvine talk about his boxes

13th May                           Peter Brown talk about his pyrography

10th June                           Brian Campion slideshow and talk about cool

                                            woodwork from around the world.


January and  February      No meetings

13th March                         Resume of Henfield Show

10th April                            Malcolm Knight - Tottingham Woodlanders

 8th May                             AGM, Clive Emsley - Bluebell Railway

12th June                           Alan Alyward - Woodland Trust

10th July                            Members talking about jigs/guides they have made

14th August                        Mary Smith - Green Circle, Bedelands Farm

11th September                  Weald and Downland Living Museum

9th October                        Lester Backshall - Guitar Maker

13th November                    Slideshow by Brian Campion

30th November                    Annual Show - Henfield Village Hall (See Entries and Awards)

11th December                   Quiz Night



January and  February            No meetings

14th March                            Resume of Christmas Show

                                             See enlarges images of submitted entries.

 1th April                                AGM  - Pam Brewer  - Owls Alive

 9th May                                Bernie and Chris demonstrating Letter Carving

26th 27th 28th May                Wakehurst Place Wildwood Weekend (SWS exhibiting)

13th June                               Paul Reader speaking on the subject of Nature

 11th July                               Lorraine Kelly Wild Life Wood sculptures

8th August                            David Dyke, Luther + Exotic wood supplier

 12th September                   SWS Tool Auction

 10th October                        Michael Blencowe  speaking on Sussex Nature Reserve

 14th November                     Philip Rickketts The making of me (the use of old pallets)

 12th December                      Video Tiger Safari / Paul and Katrina Reader Quiz.

22nd December                    SWS Show Henfield Village Hall 9.00 - 4.30

                                                    See Competition CLASSES and RULES

                                                                See all entries and Awards

                                                                     See some images

                                                                      Peoples choices


January and  February      No meetings

8th March                       SWS Exhibition of December's competition entries

12th April                        Paul Reader - Photos of Wildlife and Flowers.

10th May                        Chris Grace - Life in a woodworking class.

14th June                       Lesley Baker - Tree Surgeon

12th July                       John Plater - Woodturning

9th August                    Davis Watson will talk about Chainsaw carving

13th September            Members talking about wood finishing

11th October                John Lloyd Furniture

8th November               Chris Grace:  to continue the life in a carving class 

2nd December               SWS Annual Show & Exhibition HENFIELD Village Hall

                                            See the Results and image of Best in Show

                                                See some images

13th December             Paul Reader's Christmas Special (members to bring refreshments)



13th January                  Review of exhibition work

10th February                Reg Lanaway Through the Seasons in a Local Sussex Wood

9th March                      Colin Irvine Handmade Boxes

12th April (TUESDAY)    John Glasier Wood sculpture

11th May                       Paul Reader Selection of images of flora and fauna of the British Countryside.

8th June                        Members Demonstrations

July/August                    No meetings

14th September              A life of woodcarving with Bernie Harris

12th October                  Helen Arnold. Playing and Talking about her two harps

9th November                 Neil Saddler.....Gongoozing (life on canals)

3rd December (Saturday)  SWS Annual Show & Exhibition HENFIELD Village Hall

                                        See the results

                                        See some images

14th December               Social Evening (please bring refreshments). - Hancock brothers

                                     (performing amusing extracts from Flanders & Swan).


14th January                   Reprise of members' work at Annual Winter Show

11th  February                 Bob Jubb - Carving Creatures Great and Small

11th March                     Barry McMenamin - Work by the Monday Group on making oak stiles, gates and sign       

                                    posts in our locality.

15th April    NOTE this is the SECOND Wednesday     DVD show on various wood subjects

13th May                        AGM - Steve Alton Ashdown Forest an Unnatural History

10th June                        All day open event (part of Burgess Hill Annual Festival)

                                      Cyprus Hall Burgess Hill continuing into the evening.

July/August.                    No meetings

9th September                30th year Anniversary - tales of the past slideshow, drinks and nibbles

Saturday 19th September    Competition and Sale of Work Henfield Village Hall 9.00 - 4.30

                                            See the Results and image of Best in Show

14th October                    Adrian Smith and the Saxon Stickmakers

11th November                Chris Grace and his wavy fence

9th December                Hurst Ringers and Singers


8th January                            Reprise of members' work at SWS Annual winter show

12th February                        Keith Pettit Demonstration of wood engraving and printing

12th March                            William Coleman - Ancient Trees on Local Woodlands

9th April                                Richard Salmon - Bluebell Railway - wooden carriages

3rd/4th/5th May                    Sale of Work Wakehurst Place

14th May                               AGM - Romi Jones - demonstration of Pyrography

11th June                              All day show (10.30am till 9.30pm), exhibition, demos and sales.

July/August                             No meetings

10th September                    Roger Clark - Games people play

8th October                          Ray Ward - The history and cultivation of Bonsai

12th November                    John Freake - Flora. Fossils and Fracking

15th November                    Annual Exhibition and Sale of Work - Henfield Village Hall

See the Results

See some images of the entries

Best in Show

10th December                     Glyne Edwards - Punch and Judy


9th January                            Reprise of members' work at SWS Annual winter show

13th February                        Chris. Burchell-Collins Demonstration of Pole-turning

13th March                            Steve Robinson from Wakehurst

                                                A Working Wealden Wood - It's Products and Nature

9th April  THIS IS TUESDAY not Wednesday     Alan West - Wooden boat building

4th/5th/6th May                      Sale of Work Wakehurst Place

8th May                                  AGM. Chris Grace - Photographing Wood

12th June                                 Peter Young - Oak

July/August                               No meetings

11th September                        Chris. Grace - Wood turning demonstration

9th October                               Phil. Rose - Antique Furniture Restorer and Inlaid Work

13th November                        Ray Osgood - History of Walking Sticks and how to make them.

30th November                        Annual Exhibition and Sale of Work - Henfield Village Hall

                                                    See the Competition results

                                                    See the People's Choice

                                                    See the Judges' Choice

                                                    See images of award exhibits (NEW)

 11th December                        Society Social and Mike Dennett - Audio and Visual Programme


11th January                   Reprise of members' work at winter exhibition
8th  February                 Joanna Wilkins Bygones in your Attic
14th March                     James Pumfrey is giving another talk this time on timber framed buildings.
11th April  (At the Royal British Legion Hall)                     Ian Barnett - a greenwood worker. Woodworking tools and  green woodworking (Members to bring any old tools they want identified, or any not needed to be donated to Amberley Chalkpits Museum).
9th May                      Annual General meeting+ Mervyn Mewis to come and give a talk/powerpoint presentation and play some music to demonstrate the use of traditional and contemporary wood skills, emphases on local woodlands, sympathetic management, and home-grown timbermaking and playing musical instruments
13th June                    Bob Jubb an illustrated talk on NETSUKES
                                                Read about Bob's book

23/24th June                 Summer Show at Wakehurst Place

(Saturday/Sunday)                    See some of the Exhibitors
July/August                    No meetings
12th September             The Four (sorry only two) Turners ( Jim and Chris)
21/22/23 September        Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum, Halland, East Sussex
10th October                   Chrstine Kowal--Post - They think they are fallen angels
14th November                Auction of tools

1st December                    SWS Annual Show, Henfield village hall. 9.00 - 4.30pm

(Saturday)                         Subject for annual competition - "Something for the garden"

                                            See the competition results

                                            See images of the Peoples vote

12th December             West Grinstead Handbell ringers (come and have a go)


12th January                Own Exhibition critique

9th February                Janine Creaye, sculpture form/wood and stone carving


9th March                    Sean Hellman, fan birds


13th April                    James Pumfrey, From Green Logs to Bowls Using the Pole Lathe

                                   (and drinking beer the Tudor way)

11th May                    AGM - Speaker Brian Waghome talking about Printing, Offset and Litho

28th/29th/30th May    Summer Sale of work at Wakehurst Place

(Saturday/Sunday/Monday)                See some of the Exhibitors

15th June                    Chris Grace, a member of the West Sussex Woodturners talking about his work

(THIRD Wednesday)                        www.notjustround.com

July/August                  No meetings

14th September            Joanna Wilkins, The Lost Village of Tide Mills

12th October                Martin Sullivan - Wheelwright (he is also a sash window specialist)

9th November               Irma Westerdijk - Working with Paverol - will be of great interest to members

                                    who wish to have a waterproof insert in their work, as well as the making of other items

3rd December               SWS Annual Show, Henfield village hall.

                                     Subject for annual competition - a door knocker

                                                          See the competition results

14th December            Joy Lewis & Derrick Hughes - folk music, traditional music of Britain and Ireland

                                    played on unusual instruments.



13th January                Own Exhibition critique (CANCELLED)

10th February                Ian Gledhill, Art and Illusion

10th March                    Fred Maillardet, Oldland Mill

21st April                        AGM and SWS 25th Anniversary celebration

24th April                        St. George's Day Exhibition, The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill

                                       See some of the exhibits


12th May                        Ryan Kearley, boat builder

16th June                        Charlie Cain of Saddlescombe Farm

8th September                David Watson, Chainsaw carving

17/18/19th September    WoodFair Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum

Friday/Saturday/Sunday    Halland East Sussex

13th October                   Frank Fox-Wilson Woodcarving

10th November                Tristan Bareham, Re-constructed buildings(as seen at Bentley)

                                        THIS TALK replaced at short notice by Ted Burst on the subject

                                        of FAIRGROUNDS

27th November                SWS Annual Show, The Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill

(Saturday)                            (25th Anniversary of Sussex Woodcraft Society)

                                        See the competition results

                                        See the Peoples choice

                                        See the exhibits judged first place

                                        See the exhibits judged second place

8th December                Sarah Oldridge, through the seasons at Kew and Wakehurst

                                        (includes our social evening)



14th January                    Own Exhibition critique

11th February                Sussex Coast: Chichester to Rye by Geoff Mead

11th March                    1001 things to do with bamboo by Jeanette and John Simpson

8th April                        AGM - speakers Eric Johnson, Bob Jubb, Graham Quantrill and Mike Wallace

12/13 April                    Easter Show at Ashdown Forest Llama Centre. This replaced the traditional

                                                                    Wakehurst Place venue.

13th May                        John Plater, wood turner, presentation and talk

17th June                        Derek Fulford, antique clocks/watches

                            (if members bring along a clock or watch he will do an antiques road-show simile)

9th September                John Manley, Sussex Past, (Sussex Archaeological Society)

14th October                  Wayne Jones, Bush craft

11th November              John Hoare, Pilgrim Harps

28th November              Annual Exhibition, Competition, Sale of members' Work

                                        See the competition results

                                        See the exhibits judged in first place

                                        See some of the exhibits

9th December                Paul Reader, slide show




9th January                    Own Exhibition critique

13th February                Archaeology of Sussex by Geoff Mead

12th March                    A model spitfire by Fred Baker

9th April                        Airbourne Balloon Flights Hot air Ballooning - Steve Richards

19th April                       St. George's Day Exhibition, The Martlets, Burgess Hill, sale of work

                                                        Theme - George and the dragon See the dragons

14th May                        Woodcarving by Richard Keal

18th June                        Magnus Volk and his railway by Ian Gledhill http://www.volkselectricrailway.co.uk

21/22nd June                   Summer Show at Wakehurst Place See some images over the years

10th September                Demonstration in turning by Tom Pockley

12/13/14th September     WoodFair 2008 Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum Halland, East Sussex

8th October                    Southdowns Volunteer Ranger Service by Ian Hartle

12th October                   Shoreham Airport Tour. Arrive well before scheduled start time of 2.00pm

                                                            (non-SWS members welcome)

12th November                Tool Auction

29th November                Annual Exhibition, competition, sale of members work

                                         The Martlets, Burgess Hill, 10am to 4.30pm. Annual competition Plant Stand

                                                See the Peoples Choice

10th December                Barrels organs by Norman Dicker (Social Social)




10th January                    Own Exhibition critique

14th February                Love Spoons - members display and discussion

14th March                    Landscape Relief Carving by Mr. Bradford

11th April                        AGM  - Recycling wood by Mr Mehmed

9th May                        Editor of Woodturning Magazine - Colin Simpson

13th June                       History of Shoreham Airport by Mr Dunstall

12th September            Wey Arun Canal Trust

21/22/23rd September    WoodFair 2007

(Fri/Sat/Sun)                    Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum, Halland, East Sussex

10th October                Tatton Oak by Rosalie Sinclair-Smith

14th November            Myths and Legends of trees (Jonathan Huet)

12th December            Musical Instruments by Dave Homewood (Society Social)



2nd December                Annual Exhibition, competition, sale of members work

                                            See the winners